Namira Salim artfully brings the timeless beauty of the night sky within your grasp with her ingenuity, precision and attention to detail.  Brand NAMIRA, JEWELS FOR STARS is an exquisite vault of astronomically accurate fine jewels infused with Namira Salim‘s inborn enchantment for the stars, her passion and scintillating charisma. Our collections comprise of your accurate birth constellations and stars crafted in 18K gold, high grade diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones. NAMIRA, JEWELS FOR STARS embellishes the modern woman and empower her to embrace the stars.


Namira Salim is an inspiration to millions and a star par excellence. Acclaimed as the first future Space Tourist from South Asia, Dubai and Monaco to go to space aboard Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space line, Namira Salim was born to conquer the stars. She is also renowned as a Collector of Firsts having undertaken pioneering peace expeditions to all three poles of the world—i.e., the North Pole in 2007, the South Pole in 2008 and to Skydive (tandem) Mount Everest in 2008—making her the first Pakistani and first woman from Dubai and Monaco at 90⁰ North and first Pakistani, first woman from Dubai and first person from Monaco at 90⁰ South, as well as the first Asian to Skydive (tandem) Mount Everest in 2008. Namira Salim’s out of the world feats have empowered women internationally.

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