Diamants de Namira

Diamants de Namira is an exclusive collection of astronomically accurate constellations which rise over the North Pole, closest to the South Pole and above Mount Everest, referred to as the third Pole of the world.

These three constellations are created in 18K white gold and set in high-grade diamonds.  

They draw inspiration from Namira Salim’s pioneering peace expeditions to the North Pole, the South Pole and Mount Everest—the three poles of the world.

Noir de Namira

Noir de Namira is an exclusive collection of select astronomically accurate constellations which rise over the horizon during the summer and winter.

These three constellations are created in 18K white gold, plated in black rhodium. They are set in high-grade white and black diamonds with precious stones.  


Icon de Namira draws inspiration from the highest of skies. Defined as the edge of space and symbolised by an upright concave arc, it is here that the Earth is embraced by infinite space.  Icon de Namira comprises of four single-lined diamond arcs that meet elegantly to embrace a diamond shape, within their core.  

ZODIAque de Namira

Zodiaque de Namira is an exquisite collection of pendants representing each of the twelve Astronomically Accurate Zodiac Constellations. Created in 18K gold, set in semi-precious gemstones and high-grade diamonds, they draw inspiration from the astronomical mark the stars leave on one’s imagination. 

Marquis de namira

Marquis de Namira Collection features diamonds and exotic Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearls which are rare gems from warm, southern salt waters. Known for their large size, soft luster and long cultivation process of up to five years, Tahitian and South Sea pearls are rarer and one of the most exclusive. Marquis de Namira is inspired by enchanting nobility of the East and West and age old medieval tales.

Tears de namira

Tears de Namira collection is inspired by classic jewels that make a cherished collectible for the beautiful and empowered women of today. Tears de Namira is a tribute to a loving Mother.

Mariage de namira

The Bridal Collection comprises Namira Monaco’s timeless Bridal wedding ring, set in a 4K certified solitaire which radiates the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, “The Greater Dog” in binding ties of love and loyalty, which the star is known for.


Namira Salim artfully brings the timeless beauty of the night sky within your grasp with her ingenuity, precision and attention to detail. The House of Namira Monaco is an exquisite vault of astronomically accurate fine jewels infused with Namira Salim‘s inborn enchantment for the stars, her passion and scintillating charisma.